January 29, 2019

How Your Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships Can Make You Some Extraordinary Promotional Videos

If you’re running just about any business these days, you’re likely to find benefit from making videos and displaying them on your website and social media feeds. That’s particularly going to be true for car dealerships, though, and that’s why many such dealerships choose to hire an internet marketing agency. But is there a winning formula for making videos to display on YouTube and other places where they’re likely to find engagement?




The best videos, even the ones that are informative, tell a story. Therefore, once you have a list of potential topics about which you plan on making your videos, your internet marketing agency for car dealerships needs to sit down and storyboard, planning out each shot in advance as they come up with a script. They’re probably not going to need to hire actors and write out the script line by line, though they can if you have the budget  and the time for it.


Realistically, though, you’re better off just having a general idea of what you want the people to say in each scene. As for your actors, they don’t need to be pros. You can use some employees from your dealership who are photogenic and like to be in the spotlight.


The Tone


Part of finding success with internet videos is that you need to strike the right tone for the message you’re trying to convey. If your videos are fun or silly, they probably have the best chance of engagement. A video that takes itself too seriously probably isn’t likely to go viral, and that’s what you’re looking for more than anything else.


The Content


You next need to figure out some subject matter that people who would visit your Youtube channel, your website, and your various other social media platforms will most want to see. To determine this, your internet marketing agency for car dealerships should spend some time visiting vehicle blogs, subReddits about cars and automotive-related subject matter, and anywhere else people in your niche congregate.


What questions do they ask the most? What subjects seem to be brought up again and again? Those are the topics about which you need to make your videos.


Finally, be sure that you take steps to optimize your videos, by paying attention to things like keywords in the titles and the video description. Your content might be great, but you still have the best chance of getting it noticed if you use white hat SEO tactics.


If you stick to this formula, you have a great shot at getting a lot of views, and maybe producing that one particular video that goes viral and gets a ton of foot traffic for your dealership.