March 22, 2019

Is Your Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships Good At Website Design?

For car dealerships, your website is even more critical than it is for some other kinds of businesses. Although no one is going to be buying cars on your site, that’s where you’re going to convince them that they should come in and take a test drive with you versus any of your competitors in the area.


Because of that, you should always select an internet marketing agency that has a great web designer on staff. They should have designed many different sites before, and they should know the visual and SEO elements that are likely to keep you at the top of the SERPs. If you’re unsure about what those elements are, here are a few at which you should look.


Designed for Mobile


Since more people are likely to be looking at your site via their mobile devices, it should be your mobile site that gets the lion’s share of the attention from your internet marketing agency for car dealerships. It’s not to say that they should ignore your desktop or laptop sites, but rather that they should be extra careful that everything on the mobile version is functioning as it should be. That’s going to be page loading speed, images formatted correctly, no distracting popup ads, etc.


Lightning-Quick Load Times


Regardless of whether we’re talking about your mobile site or one of the other versions, it doesn’t get any more important than page loading speed when you’re talking about SEO and customer satisfaction. If your pages take any longer than three seconds to load, you’re going to frustrate potential customers and also get on Google’s bad side. Google has tools that will tell you if you need to work on your loading speed, so take advantage of them.


All Vital Information


If your goal is to sell cars, you’ll need to feature all vital data about each vehicle on your site. That means when a customer looks at one of the vehicles on your site in which they have an interest, they should be able to see everything noteworthy about it right there on the page. That’s going to include the model, year, the mileage, its fuel economy, any special features, etc. You shouldn’t leave anyone guessing. The more they know about the car before they come in, the more likely they’ll be satisfied with what they see when they’re standing in front of it.


Your internet marketing agency for car dealerships can do you the most good if they’re great website designers. If that’s an area where they are lacking, it’s probably going to be best for you to use someone else.