July 26, 2019

Create Scalable Guest Posting Strategy With These Tips

In today’s world, the impacts of guest posting on the business and its relevance has caused much debate. However, it is widely believed that guest posting (if done in “ethical manner”) still works.

Guest posting is assumed to spreading spam and dirty links, but it’s not true. Guest posting can bring some great benefits, such as:

Help you get backlinks to websites that help improve your natural search rankings.

Introduce referral traffic to your website from other publications and blogs.

Introduce yourself and your brand to a new audience.

However, guest blogging is an easy task and not something you can do overnight. Guest blog events require you to plan and require regular, enduring efforts.

Don’t worry if you want to learn how to launch and execute a successful guest blog event. Below is a step-by-step guide to creating an extensible guest publishing strategy. But before that, let’s talk about essential things.


Step “0”: Plan

As with most projects, running a successful guest blog activity requires a clear plan and set of goals and tasks for you before you start. Create a project plan document with the following key information:

Goal: Write down the goals you intend to achieve by launching this project.

Do you want to rank first among some industry-related keywords with high search volume? 

If you want to get more referral traffic for your business with this campaign, first, determine your goals so that you can develop strategies and plans.

Timeline: Know exactly when you want to start and end your campaign. Set the monthly goal of the number of emails you want to send and the number of guest posts you’ve written during this campaign. It will help you stick to the right plan and achieve your goals in a more streamlined way.

Once you have completed the first step, you are good to go! The guest release event can be divided into five main sections:


Step 1: Gather prospects

When you want to do things on a large scale, you must plan and follow a process. The first step in the process should always be to explore, as this is where everything starts.

Create a list of 1000 marketers/blog owners. Make sure to record their name, company name, and email ID (you will see this a little help). 

Divide them into batches of 100 each. Contact each batch of potential customers at the beginning of the month.

Do not expect too much at the start, and you can get 7-12 replies out of the 100 emails that you send. You will also get a reply saying that they are not interested in working with you. The response rate can be as good as 29%, and it can be as bad as 1.7%. 

It means your team will have about 75 guest posts in 10 months, which should be enough to start ranking at least five keywords.

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Step 2: Find opportunities

The most effective way to ensure things are simplified is to present a list of content topics before the outreach, which should be written on guest posts.

It will help you understand what you’re going to write, and you can even add content themes to your outreach emails. It will allow them to choose one of their favorite content.

Once you’ve done this, email outreach, it is the easiest way to get a large-scale guest release opportunity. Contact an internet marketing agency for car dealerships to grow if you have a car dealership business. 

You can create templates and use merge tags that dynamically insert your potential customer’s name, company name, etc. into your email. 

An alternative to email promotion (if time is not your primary consideration if you want to experiment) is to use Twitter to get the job done. While it’s difficult to achieve this on a large scale, Twitter itself allows you to get better response rates from outreach.


Step 3: Maintain the edit calendar

Once you get a response from a potential marketer, it’s a green signal to start publishing your guest posts. You will need to track the progress of each blog/publication. It is where the editing calendar comes in. 


Step 4: Time to post

Once you’ve finished writing your post, ask your team members to edit it internally and send it to the appropriate publication. 

Typically, the publication will suggest modifications that you must review. Another hiccup you may face is a delay in response from the contact point of the site. Follow up regularly until they are brought online.

Make sure you always get a mandatory follow-up backlink to the target keywords, especially if your goal is to get backlinks through this campaign. The specification is that there is at least one follow the link in your guest post.

Also, create a simple, cleverly written author bio that can be used when publishing blog posts.

After the release of your guest post, there is only one final step left!


Step 5: Promote your guest post

Once your guest post is published online, promote your content on social media, and request the host website to advertise on its social profile. You can even ask them to insert your blog post into their blog newsletter to maximize reach. You will get a high range for your car dealerships agency through internet marketing, particularly guest blogging. 

Promoting your guest post also shows people that you are actively working on writing information about your industry and sharing your knowledge. Letting people see this is the first step in building themselves as a thought leader in the industry.