January 18, 2019

For Car Dealerships, It’s Vital That Your Internet Marketing Agency Knows To Stay Away From Outdated SEO Techniques

SEO goes through evolutionary changes as the years pass, and if you have hired an internet marketing agency for car dealerships, then they should be aware of that.


Under no circumstances should they be attempting outdated SEO techniques that are going to get your site negative attention from the search engines. These are some SEO methodologies that your agency should take pains to avoid.


Keyword Abuse


This is an area where many internet marketing agencies tend to misfire. They know that keywords are critical, but they don’t understand how to use them in a modern way.


Keyword stuffing, or the reckless use of keywords that don’t have anything to do with the context in which they appear, is something that should be long past. However, there are other ways that keywords can be misused on a site.


The most prominent example of this that is seen these days is in the context of weak or thin content. Thin content is text on sites that exists for no other purpose than the inclusion of keywords. The Google algorithm is smart enough now that it will recognize this tactic for what it is, and it will penalize you for it.   


The best way to use keywords is to write about subjects on your site that have to do with the products and services that you offer. In all likelihood, your internet marketing agency for car dealerships will be able to find places for keywords where they fit naturally if they take this approach.


Poorly Written Content


In the past, the writing on many websites seemed stilted and unnatural. The reason for that is because companies were writing for robots rather than people.


They felt that specific writing patterns were going to be viewed more favorably by the Google crawlers, and because of that, the language choices and the sentence structures were mangled. It might have worked in the past for getting a site to rank, but the algorithm has been updated many times since those days, and this sort of language misuse simply isn’t going to get it done anymore.


Your internet marketing agency for car dealerships needs to try and write for humans, not for the Google crawlers. If you provide bad content on your sites, then you’re going to end up with a search ranking to match. If you write clear, coherent blogs and product pages, then that’s what is most likely to get you a favorable ranking.


The best sites for car dealerships are the ones where modern SEO is being used. If your agency doesn’t know how to step out of the past in this respect, then you need to find someone else who can. Remember how critical your website is for landing you new customers. You can’t let a sloppy site be what’s holding you back in 2019.