January 31, 2019

It’s Critical You Hire An Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships To Make Your Website As Compelling As Possible

For car dealerships, the difference between a sloppy website on which you didn’t spend much time and a fully optimized site is everything. You need to make sure that no element of your site is neglected, and that’s why many dealerships end up hiring an internet marketing agency.


These agencies make it their business to stay on top of all white hat tactics that are most likely to get you engagement. In the case of car dealerships, that engagement means more than just people spending time on your site. The goal is to get them to come to your dealership, and here are some of the ways an internet marketing agency might use your website to get them there.


Tunnel Vision


For some industries, a person might come to your site, and there might be different things that you’re encouraging them to do. You may want them to buy your products, but you might also ask them to follow your social media channels, sign up for your email newsletter, and read your blog.


It’s not that those things aren’t valuable to you as an auto dealer. It’s more that if you can’t get a person to walk in the doors of your dealership and take a test drive, then everything else isn’t going to help your bottom line.


Because your aim is geared so strongly toward getting a person to come to your brick-and-mortar location, your internet marketing agency for car dealerships is going to want to do all that they can to make your website laser-focused toward achieving that goal. They will not have prominently featured navigation bars and CTAs. When someone gets to your landing page, the message is going to be loud and clear: come to the dealership without delay.


Clear Value Proposition


A clear value proposition refers to letting your potential customers know what it is about your dealership that makes you better than everyone else.


To make it evident that an individual will want to choose your dealership over your rivals, your internet marketing agency will likely discuss how your selection is better than anyone else’s, how your financing options are more flexible, or how your dealership won awards for service in several local newspapers or other publications. Anything that demonstrates why they need to come to you and not another dealership needs to be explicitly stated.


Internet marketing agencies for car dealerships have a clearly defined job. It’s to get people to take those test drives so that you can speak to them in person and convince them to drive off the lot in one of your vehicles. You need to hire an agency that understands this, and can make the modifications to your site that are likely to make that happen.