August 2, 2017

Effective Ways to Grow Your Business with Facebook

It’s over 10 years since Facebook was launched but it still remains the most popular social networking site as of July 2017. What used to be an online platform, where people can post their favorite photos, has now become an essential place for marketing, entertainment, job hunting and a lot more.

Despite its popularity, a couple of companies remain adamant about the effectiveness of Facebook as a marketing platform. If you’re one of them, check out how you can use this “networking site” to market your products and services:

Boost your posts in Facebook

A recent marketing research reveals that Facebook posts without a paid social media strategy may easily go to waste. This is because they are unlikely to reach your Facebook page’s followers.

Tip:  Broaden your audience reach through the Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll eventually see that even a dollar or two can go a long way.

Wisely use filters in Facebook ads

When setting up a Facebook ad, you’ll be asked to choose a couple of filters to target your desired audience. Increase the visibility of your posts by selecting the right filters.

Tip: Aside from gender, age, and location, consider looking at the net worth income. This would really be helpful if you’re offering luxury cars.

Make your posts engaging by adding images

With the abundance of posts that people see everyday, you need to come up with something catchy and interesting. It’s because posts with images are found to be thrice more engaging than those without.

Tip: There are a couple of photo sites that provide free, high-quality images such as Pexels, Pixabay, and Stockup. If you’re a skilled a graphic artist, you can likewise upload your own work as a primary image for your Facebook post.

Add videos on your page

There are said to be over 5 billion videos watched everyday on Facebook. This makes Facebook a lot more impactful compared to other social media platforms. Unlike other social channels, a Facebook video can run up to 45 minutes.

Tip: In order to attract more visitors, you can also use a video as a Facebook cover.

Use Pages to Watch in Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a good place to analyze how well your business is faring alongside your competitors. You can watch closely your total Page Likes, track your number of active users, or find out when’s the best time of the day to post.

Tip: Consider tracking up to 4-5 competitor Facebook pages and set some metrics that you’d want to surpass.

Encourage customers to “check-in” on Facebook

Just like Gowalla and Foursquare, the “check-in” feature in Facebook allows Internet users to use the GPS to let other people know their exact location. By encouraging users to use this, you’re technically asking them to endorse your place.

Tip: You can provide customers or visitors at your business some free samples if they check-in. It’s not going to cost you that much but your chance of getting known to several people or in different places is high.

Give your insider’s view via Facebook Live

With Facebook Live, you’re able to interact with everybody in real time. This means you’re able to see your potential customers’ comments and reactions.

Tip: You can offer how-to instructional videos or tell them briefly about a business event you’re attending while you’re walking in a store.



There are no indications that Facebook is slowing down, so it’s safe to say it’ll remain on top for a couple of years more. Make the most out of Facebook and use it to maximize your target audience and potentially increase your sales and profits.

Still not sure how to start?

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