August 24, 2017

Car Dealers: Internet Marketing Ideas

The digital marketing world has paved the way for the auto industry to moved their advertising strategy from the traditional local media with the use of Newspaper and radio to spending budget with online auto dealer marketing. With almost everything goes digital now, the auto industry has widened its reach through social media, electronic billboards, digital television and radio channels, as well as mobile phones. No wonder it makes the automotive industry as the second biggest advertising industry in the world.

Auto shoppers now days cling to the internet to grasp a great deal of information on what to buy. The introduction of mobile phones in the digital world give access to millions of mobile users to search vehicles, from the couch, at work, and on the go – right on their phones.

Now, every car dealership needs to understand the importance of online car dealer marketing and how to take advantage of its usefulness to top other auto advertising agencies, expand brand/product exposure and increase sales growth.

Here are several Auto Dealer Marketing Ideas you can try:

Where to start? Start with your website – get it right!

Online shoppers want to find the information they want in just a few clicks. So make sure your web and mobile sites are user-friendly and load fast. Upload only quality auto images and videos with complete information like vehicle models, prices, features, and availability.

What’s next? Take advantage of social media platforms.

Facebook is best to create a landing page to showcase your products, broaden reach, gather engagements and ramp up sales. Facebook is so cool that it allows you to create promotions tab, set up events, create ads and so much more.

Twitter, on the other hand, is a convenient way to advertise as it allows you to follow anyone and anyone can follow you back.

The simplicity of a single “tweet” makes your advertising spread and reach out other people aside from your followers.

Never estimate the power of LinkedIn. Aside from creating a company profile for your car dealership, LinkedIn is a great way to connect to prospective buyers professionally.

What now? Improve search engine performance.

When people want to look for vehicle information outside your site and social media, it’s the search engine that they turn to. So, you might want to be found – fast! Search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) helps you drive better traffic and increase ranking.

Does your dealership need more sales? Do you need help managing your online reputation and brand? Give Drive Traffic Dealer a call at (888) 375-3058 for your car dealer marketing needs.

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