July 27, 2017

Use Customer Data to Make an Outstanding Experience  

As a car dealer, it’s your job to gather customer data. You build websites or join various social media platforms to get more information and connect with customers. In short, you do everything you can so you won’t be left behind in terms of leads and sales.

It sounds simple and it really is. You just have to capitalize on the information you’ve received and use it to your advantage. Unfortunately, that’s where car dealers often miss very badly.

We’ve done our own research and we found out that customers would prefer to buy vehicles from dealerships that offer a great experience. There are several other car dealers out there so you should stand out.

Here’s how you can make a difference:

Quickly gather your customer’s data

Customers normally provide all their information at initial contact. When they do, they share their contact detail, talk about the type of car they want, and a lot more.

Make sure to input all the information they provide in your customer relationship management (CRM) software. You might think a lot of this now is irrelevant to your business. You’ll soon find out that knowing your customers more would help in your quest to provide outstanding customer experience.

Personalize your approach

Talk to your customers as if they’re your best friends or family members. Look for ways on how you can naturally include interests, careers, etc. in your sales discussion. This would not only open a lot of topics to talk to but it will also make them feel you’re genuine. This is important because it helps build trust, loyalty, and a long-lasting relationship.

Always think of customer experience first

While your primary goal as a dealer is to sell more cars, you should never take customer experience on the backseat. You should bank on customer experience to increase your leads and sales.

There are several car dealers for customers to choose from so you should make your business different from the rest.


Gathering customer data and using this to your advantage are important steps in building a positive customer experience. Make good use of your customer’s information by adding that “personal touch” in every customer interaction. That way, you’ll not just get a one-time customer, but a client for life.

Not sure how to start?

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