August 29, 2018

Your Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships Might Try These Techniques

If you have embraced SEO for car dealerships, then you have already taken a significant step toward modernizing the way you attract your customers. That’s a good thing, as old methods of auto sales have become obsolete. You probably hired an internet marketing agency, and if you haven’t yet, you should strongly consider it. Your SEO company can optimize your website so that you get more people looking at your vehicles, and they’ll use approved white hat SEO so that you don’t get slapped with penalties by Google. Here are some ways that your internet marketing agency for car dealerships might choose to help you.


Optimization Using LSI Keywords


If you already know a bit about SEO, you probably know about the importance of keyword implementation on your site, and LSI keywords are particularly useful. LSI keywords are phrases and words that relate to the central keywords that you are using. If your target keywords are the stars of the show, you might look at LSI keywords as the supporting cast.


The reason that LSI or peripheral keywords matter is because, after the implementation of the Hummingbird algorithm update a couple of years ago, Google can now understand topics instead of only keywords. If you have LSI or peripheral keywords around your central keywords that you are using on your site, then Google will be confident that it has correctly identified what your content is about. That means you have a higher chance of ranking for your niche.


The Miracle of Content Transformation


Your internet marketing agency for car dealerships might also use a nifty little trick called content transformation. What that entails is the conversion of your blog posts into other formats. You already know that a dynamic, well-written blog can land you some serious traffic, but it helps to have other forms of content on your site as well. That might include podcasts, videos, or ebooks. In the case of auto sales, you might have a podcast about the best cars for fuel economy, a video about how to change your oil or an ebook about the difference between owning a hybrid car versus a traditional model.


The more kinds of content you have, the more likely that someone will want to interface with some of it. If they don’t feel like reading a blog, they might want to listen to a podcast or watch a video. Varied content is always going to be helpful in getting a more extensive range of impressions from your site visitors.


Your internet marketing agency for car dealerships might try these techniques, or they might have something else in mind. There are all kinds of ways to approach boosting your website interaction. Meet with them and talk about how they want to corner your market, and see if what they’re saying makes sense to you.


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