August 28, 2018

For Car Dealerships, An Internet Marketing Agency Is The Way To Dominate Your Market

The idea of hiring an internet marketing agency for car dealerships is so foreign that you might get a blank stare if you suggested it to management, or you might get laughed out of the building. That’s because car sales is an industry that seems to be resoundingly “old school.” It very much becomes a case of “car sales are done like this, and it’s been that way for decades.” But time moves inexorably forward, and if you’re part of a dealership that’s dragging its feet on hiring an internet marketing agency, you’re only going to be hurting yourselves.


A New Method of Advertising


The stubborn person is the one who keeps on doing the same thing over and over, doubling down on a strategy even when it has become evident that it isn’t working. That’s the case with the car dealerships that keep buying more airtime on TV and the radio and overlooking new ways of reaching out to potential customers. The problem with that sort of advertising is that it’s easy to ignore. Also, more young people don’t even watch TV or listen to the radio anymore.


The first thing that car dealerships need to accept is that the overwhelming majority of potential car shoppers go online first these days rather than look in a newspaper or pay attention to a circular you send through the mail. It therefore becomes critical that you hire an internet marketing agency that can identify keywords that your potential customers are likely to use.


They can then set up a pay-per-click ad campaign for you if you desire, and they can also make sure that you rank at the top of the search pages for the terms that matter in your geographic location. If you aren’t taking this approach, then you don’t have a prayer of competing with other car dealerships that have embraced the 21st century.


Google has over 200 ranking factors in their algorithm at the moment, and if you don’t hire an internet marketing agency that knows all about them, you’re going to be fumbling in the dark as you try and carve a spot for yourself among your competitors. The first step, then, is to go beyond your comfort zone and abandon old methods of advertising. The second step is to find the internet marketing agency for car dealerships that can help you recapture your rightful place at the apex of your local automotive market.

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