August 22, 2018

There’s A Lot An Internet Marketing Agency For Car dealerships Can Do For You

If you own car dealerships and you’re set in your ways, you might not understand the value of an internet marketing agency. What can they do for me, you might ask, when I’ve been using the same sales and marketing tactics for decades? The fact is, if you’re getting the sales you want and you’re satisfied with your market share, then you’re not under any obligation to do anything differently. But if your sales are slacking, or they’re stagnant, it’s time to branch out into some new territory, and that means making your website better and your outreach broader with an internet marketing agency for car dealerships.


You Need Someone To Do SEO That’s Specific To The Automotive Industry


If you already know something about SEO, and you had someone set up your website with best practices in mind, then an internet marketing agency might not have all that much to change or improve. But there are some things that only an experienced SEO company will be able to do for you, and they’ll do it expediently as well.


They can help you optimize your site with highly specific long-tail keywords that are based on market and sales research. Instead of just sprinkling in a few keywords like “car dealerships” they can use terms like “blue 2016 Toyota Corolla “ if that’s what’s selling the most in your area or at your dealership.


Another thing an internet marketing agency for car dealerships can do for you is to increase your brand awareness by putting you in front of new markets. If you only used to advertise on TV and radio, then you’re missing out on getting your message and your products in front of the younger crowd that uses social media. Many younger people don’t even watch TV or listen to the radio anymore, so you need new tactics to reach them. Launching an extensive, targeted social media campaign will let the younger generations know that you’re a viable option when they’re ready to buy a new or used car.


An internet marketing agency can also write blogs for your site that are optimized for your industry with those long-tail keywords that they researched. If they select topics that answer questions people commonly have, then your site will begin to be recognized as an authority, and both your visitors and the site crawlers will come to understand that.


You’ll have a tough time getting along without an internet marketing agency these days. Don’t remain stuck in the past. Contact an agency with former automotive industry experience, and increase your sales rate exponentially.

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