Social Media and SEO Deliver ROI for Car Dealers
August 31, 2017

Social Media and SEO Deliver ROI for Car Dealers

A study was recently conducted by GetResponse to identify areas that industries should improve on when it comes to email marketing. Over 2,500 email marketers from various industries around the world were surveyed and here are the results:

About 28% of auto dealer marketers claim that social media marketing and SEO have provided their companies the highest ROI. PPC ranked third at 21% while email marketing follows at 19%. Meanwhile, content marketing and affiliate marketing were found to provide the lowest ROI.

How are auto dealer marketing agencies adjusting based on these numbers?

Sixty percent of automotive marketers are now increasing their budget for email marketing, while 55% is spending more on SEO and display advertising. Automotive marketers have likewise increased their budget for social PPC by about 53%.

Interestingly, some marketers have also increased their budgets for direct mail and affiliate marketing by 46% and 45% respectively. This is despite seeing low ROI on both channels.

Measuring the success of email marketing

The study also tried to get some metrics that are found helpful in determining the success of an email marketing campaign.

About 31% of marketers measure success by checking an increase in their subscribers. Another 21% look onto opens or clicks, while 18% of them make use of mid-funnel conversion metrics like lead generation, subscriptions, and inquiries.

What do all these numbers mean?

Automotive marketers have different approaches when it comes to increasing ROIs. While some find success in PPC, others get victorious on social media and SEO. Bottomline, it’s essential to always be on a look out for what’s working and not.

If you’re not sure how to spend your marketing budget, consult an auto dealer marketing agency with several years of experience in improving the online presence of businesses. Contact Drive Traffic Dealer today at (888) 375-3058.

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