March 14, 2019

For Car Dealerships, Does It Make Sense to Hire an Internet Marketing Agency or a Freelancer for Your Website?

Let’s face it: most of the employees of car dealerships aren’t too likely to want to spend their time working on your website, even if they have the aptitude for it. That’s probably not why they were hired, which is why SEO tasks are often handled by whatever internet marketing agency you chose to retain.


Such agencies can be assigned the handling of your social media. They can rework your landing page if you don’t feel like your website is getting enough visitors, or they can concentrate on building up your collection of internal links. There are dozens of other things that they can potentially do, depending on what you feel your dealership most needs.


But is it a foregone conclusion that you need an internet marketing agency for car dealerships? Is there another option that makes better sense if you feel you don’t need a full-service SEO agency? For dealerships that are asking these questions, pursuing a freelancer might be the way to go.


Does Hiring a Freelancer Make Sense for Your Dealership?


Hiring a freelancer might be seen as a way of splitting the difference between hiring an SEO company and assigning the work to some hapless employee who happened to mention that they have some computer skills or a marketing background. The reason that you might not want to hire an entire internet marketing agency is that they can be expensive. It depends on just how much work you need on your site. If you have a ton of SEO chores that need doing, there’s no help for it: you’re going to have to hire an agency. But what if all you need is a few tweaks?


If that is indeed the scenario in which your dealership finds itself, then you may wish to look into a freelancer. If you’re still uncertain, though, it helps to ask these questions.


Are You Too Busy to Write the Content?


Let’s say that the kind of writing you need for your website is going to be featured on your blog, or it’s not insanely technical. One of your employees could probably do it, but there isn’t time. That might be an occasion to bring in a freelancer rather than an entire agency.


Do You Have a Tight Budget?


If you think that you don’t have it in the budget to hire an internet marketing agency, but a single person can do the work with relative ease, then again, a freelancer may be the solution.


Do You Not Have Anyone on Staff Capable of Doing the Writing?


The answer to this question matters as well. If none of your employees have the patience or the aptitude for the kind of writing that you need, your best option may be to invest in a freelancer.


Freelancers for car dealerships occupy a particular niche, where you don’t need the full resources of an internet marketing agency and the writing that you need isn’t so much the purview of any of your current employees. It is not going to be an ideal situation for every dealership, but there are some for whom it can work out beautifully.