For Those Who Have An Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships, It’s Important To Watch Out For Website Design Flaws
April 2, 2018

Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships: Make Sure They Check Your Website For These Mistakes

If you’ve hired an internet marketing agency for car dealerships, then you probably want to optimize your website. When considering SEO, it’s important to avoid certain website design flaws that can be harmful to your ranking. Here are some commonly-seen mistakes that can hurt your search engine results.


Missing H1 tags is one way that search engines might be overlooking your website. Sometimes you might have neglected to put an H1 tag on a page because you feel there’s no convenient place for it, but that can be a costly omission. Search engine crawlers are looking for those H1 tags. Without them, it’s not as easy to determine what your page is trying to convey. The best thing for you to do is find a place where that H1 tag will fit organically. That way, the purpose of the website will be immediately apparent.


If your website is bogged down with popups, that’s going to hurt your ranking too. Google issued a warning about popups being intrusive to user experience, and that’s especially true with mobile sites. If a popup appears before a visitor can even access the main content on your site, search engines will penalize you, and your SEO will be negatively affected. If your organic traffic is declining, that’s a sure sign that you need to take it easy with the popups.


Another thing to watch out for is overly large media files and images. You want your website to appear colorful and vibrant, but enormous images and videos cause your site not to load as quickly, and Google frowns on that. To see if the content on your website is too large, you can use a tool like the Google PageSpeed Insight Test. It’s very comprehensive, telling you in plain English what images Google considers too large, and how to reduce them. When the images are compressed or resized, your site will load quicker.


If you’re regularly adding new and useful content to your site, that’s great, but don’t neglect the seemingly smaller technical issues that can be so important for SEO. The design of your website can be just as important as its content.  

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