By Finding An Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships, You Stand A Better Chance Of Ranking
August 10, 2018

An Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships Knows the Importance of Lengthy Content

For car dealerships, a website is often how your potential customers meet you for the first time. Before they walk in the door and shake hands with one of your salespeople, they have probably already gotten an accurate idea of what you’re all about from the content on your site. If your website is a mess, then it’s going to reflect poorly on you, as any internet marketing agency for car dealerships will tell you.


If you hire an SEO company, they will look to make your site as user-friendly as possible, with clear calls to action, no spelling and punctuation errors, and a modern theme that is visually appealing. But there’s another onsite feature that’s as critical as all of those things: your blog.


How To Get More From Your Existing Blogs


You may have already optimized your blogs with keywords when you wrote them, and maybe some of them became popular and brought you some traffic that way. Is there more that they might be doing for you? Very possibly. It has been demonstrated that with the current iteration of the Google algorithm, longer-form content has a higher chance of getting you to rank highly with the SERPs. That means that if you’re accustomed to writing blogs of 400 or 500 words, you might want to consider expanding some of your existing ones. Articles of 1,500 or even 2,000 words are getting a lot of love from Google these days.


There seems to be this argument from some circles that instead of long-form content, it’s better to write more short blogs and post them every couple of days, or even every day. The evidence does not back this up, however. It’s possible that might have worked at some point in the past, but now it’s not just content that’s king, but longer content.


However, most bloggers and content creators don’t have the time to write 1,500-word blogs every week. It’s a time-consuming process. It’s true that you can hire an internet marketing agency for car dealerships and demand that they do it for you, but they may be more inclined to expand on content you already have.


The perfect way to do this is to find articles that you can update, so there is a modern twist to them. For instance, if you wrote a popular piece at one point about auto safety features, you could have your internet marketing agency update it with a section on new ones that have recently come out. If you have an article about the best SUVs for fuel economy, you can update the list with some new ones that have just hit the market.


There’s nothing wrong with fresh content, but cranking out ten new blogs every week is a chore for anybody. If you can get more mileage and pageviews out of what you already have, that may be the optimal choice for you and your SEO team.  

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