You Can Increase Sales By Hiring An Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships
July 22, 2018

An Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships Can Work Wonders For You

There are certain notable differences between websites for car dealerships and those where e-commerce is the primary goal. After all, most people aren’t going to buy a car online. They’re going to come to the dealership, test drive it, and then make the decision on whether they want to buy. If you hire an internet marketing agency for your dealership, there are still certain things that they’re going to do for you that would be true regardless of what you’re selling. These days user experience, sometimes referred to as UX, counts for a lot where SEO is concerned.


Improving Site Experience Makes A Real Difference


Nobody wants a site that takes forever to load, especially when they’re on the go. Likewise, they don’t want a site where they get bombarded with pop-ups and ads to the point where they can’t even get to the original content. You’d be surprised by how many sites allow this to happen, and mobile sites especially. There’s no faster way to lose a customer and sour them on your entire company. Your website, whether desktop or mobile, is supposed to represent you. Your dealership will be seen as unprofessional if site UX is bad. If you make sure that your mobile site is optimized for ease of use, you update the content, and you feature compelling calls to action, you’ll be getting a leg up on your competitors. For car dealerships, this often means hiring an internet marketing agency, since it’s not likely you’ll have someone on staff with the SEO expertise to make your site as usable as it might otherwise be.


Dwell Time


What Google is looking for and what will help with your ranking is dwell time, meaning how long a potential customer stays on your site and individual pages. The longer someone stays, it stands to reason it’s because they’re interested, meaning that they either found what they were looking for or else they found your content so compelling that they wanted to stay a while anyway. Google appreciates that and awards you accordingly. It’s the opposite of your bounce rate. Site architecture can be a large part of that. When you hire an internet marketing agency, one of the things they will almost certainly do is take a long look at your themes and the overall visuals that you’re presenting on your site. You want your site to look good, and you also want it set up so that web crawlers will have an easy time with it. An internet marketing agency for car dealerships can help you do that.


It’s evident that car dealerships and SEO companies can often be a good match. You might not know everything about website design and optimization, and that’s perfectly alright. An internet marketing agency can set you on the path toward higher page views and sales numbers.


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