September 7, 2018

An Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships Can Handle Your Social Media Campaign

Social media can be a quagmire for the uninitiated. There are so many different platforms. You need to decipher out how each of them works, and then you must figure out an advertising strategy for them on top of that. If you are late to the party in this respect, then an internet marketing agency for car dealerships can be your best friend. They know how best to utilize each platform and create content that will appeal to potential customers who might be congregating there.


Instagram Can Help You Target Millenials


There’s no denying that the younger, artistic crowd loves Instagram. It doesn’t have the sheer volume of Facebook, but those who use it are more active there, while some Facebook accounts remain inactive for weeks or months at a time. More importantly, Instagram is the perfect platform for an internet marketing agency for car dealerships to create stories about your vehicles with visual flair.


With the right images and videos, consumers can picture themselves in situations with your cars, trucks, and SUVs. You can do camping or beach photoshoots, tailgating before a football or baseball game, or pulling up in front of an upscale restaurant for date night. This is the medium for storytelling, so make sure that the internet marketing agency you hire has a great photographer on staff.


Twitter Is A Weapon For Driving Sales


Twitter is the platform for short, concise, branded messages. It helps to drive millions of dollars in car sales every year, so don’t miss out on that market. Hundreds of thousands of auto-related tweets are sent out every day, not only from dealerships looking to sell but from casual Twitter users who take pride in their vehicles.


Keyword targeting is the way to go with this platform. Your SEO company will prove useful here too, as they can do the research necessary to find out what keywords will appeal to your local market and capture their attention. Direct messaging and advertising can zero in on consumers who have demonstrated an intent to purchase.


Don’t Neglect Facebook


Although the younger social media users have drifted to other platforms, Facebook still holds the crown of social media kingpin. It’s also worth your while because you’ll find older adults with disposable income there. You can place targeted ads where they will be seen by people who have expressed an interest in car buying. You should modify the ads based on gender trends, income level, consumer interests as revealed by their Facebook profiles, and more. This sort of targeted marketing pays off, and it’s well worth your efforts.


You don’t have to endure all of the strategizing of a social media campaign yourself. Talk to an internet marketing agency for car dealerships and hear what they have to say. If you like what you’re hearing, give them a shot. Without an aggressive social media marketing campaign, you won’t be fully engaged in 21st-century advertising.


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