August 31, 2018

An Internet Marketing Agency For Car Dealerships Can Be Beneficial In Many Ways

There are many ways to try and increase your website traffic, but for car dealerships, attracting site visitors is of even more importance than for the average business. If potential customers can’t see what you have in stock then they’re going to look elsewhere for the vehicle they want, since they probably already have a make and model in mind. A reliable internet marketing agency for car dealerships can attract the traffic that will lead to more sales, and here are some ways they might choose to do it.


Optimization for Google’s Mobile-First Index


Not long ago, Google came out with their “Mobile-First Index.” It means that they place more value on your mobile site than they do the non-mobile version, which makes sense since more people now access websites via mobile devices than they do desktops and laptops. For car dealerships, it means that your mobile site needs to load quickly. The material needs to be easy to read, free of spelling and punctuation errors. Your internet marketing agency should freshen the content frequently, and there should be no 404-redirect errors that don’t go anywhere.


How can you tell if your automotive site is properly optimized? You can use the Google Mobile-Friendly Test that they created for the purpose. It’s free, and it will tell you exactly what is objectionable on the mobile site that is likely to drop you down in the SERPs.


Set Up An Active YouTube Channel


Another way for car dealerships to announce their presence to the world and their local market is by setting up and cultivating an active YouTube channel. If you can figure out some entertaining ways to present automotive content, then you might be able to go viral. YouTube and visual content are so popular these days, and if there’s any way to take advantage of that, you should do it.


To make sure that people watch your videos, you’re going to need your internet marketing agency to do keyword research and set up some optimized video tags. But don’t worry. If you hired a good SEO company, they should know what they’re doing in this regard.


If you do both these things then you should get more site visitors and more customers coming through your doors as well. For car dealerships it’s so vital that you become a known commodity in your local market, so make sure that to hire the best SEO help that you can.  


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